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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we'll have the latest on this investigation. "mornings on 2" continues. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, november 18. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic right now. steve paulson says not too bad. >> not too bad. not as cold as it was monday. when it was what, pam? freezing on monday. >> [laughter] >> temperatures have come way up. a lot of high clouds stream overhead. overall, afternoon temps are moving up a few degrees degrees each day. more upper 60s now to near 70. a little bit of drizzle and light rain on the north coast. that's probably going to wind down pretty soon. cloud cover continues to favor the north and also towards the sierra. for us, mostly sunny, 30s, 40s, 50s. napa airport reporting ground fog, 37, 40s and 50s for others. i can find if you 30s.
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alamo and danville, low 40s, mid-40s for some. that's going to be the scene. we'll bounce of these pretty quick under mostly sunny skies but to the north, high clouds and also over the sierra. so cool, cold, mostly sunny, high clouds northward, rather windy in lake county hills, 70%, upper 60s 60s. so 72 santa rosa, 68 for many here. you want to start with san jose here? >> we're going to have a live report because this was actually a very complicated thing that happened. a complex story. janine is going to be right there on the scene to talk about it. right now, also going to talk about some of the other traffic that is going on because we are waking up to a bunch of traffic at the bay bridge at the toll plaza and the macarthur maze. racked up around the corner there. coming around to the bay bridge toll plaza. which is slow there. there have been no accidents reported. no major ones getting onto that bridge but you can tell it is very slow. also checking out 580, ultimate pass is much better than it was
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yesterday on 580. we don't have as much going on but it's a typical slow traffic as you drive through to the dublin interchange and after that it does get better to castro valley. steve did mention san jose. new information about that high- speed chase in the south bay. we've been telling you about. fox 2 reporter janine de la vega was the first reporter on scene. she says one of the people in the car has died. janine? >> reporter: sal, c.h.p. confirmed that the male driver of this white sedan that you still see here on the scene that was involved in this crash has died at the hospital. that white sedan is very close to the southbound offramp to winchester from 280. right here on moorpark. besides this white vehicle, there was this c.h.p. , highway patrol car, suv you see here was involved in the crash. it hit a sign. you can't see it but its windshield is completely shattered.
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let's go to video that we took earlier this morning. this all started at about 3:30 a.m. c.h.p. in gilroy have spotted that white sedan because it was speeding. they are saying it was traveling anywhere between 125 to 135 miles per hour. on highway 101. it then went to 237, it went on 80 and also to 280. they were following it on multiple freeways. it was driving erratically. it could have maybe sideswiped some of the vehicles and that's why they were pursuing it. it finally ended here at moorpark and winchester. when it crashed, it lost control somehow. we spoke to the c.h.p. officer, who told us why they felt it was necessary to follow it. here's what he had to say. >> this driver was driving at a high rate of speed and he was intentionally, it appeared, trying to ram other vehicles. extremely light traffic at the
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time, this was an extremely dangerous driver that needed to be removed from the road. >> reporter: firefighters came to the scene and paramedics and -- they ended up transporting the male driver as well as a female passenger to the hospital. we were told he had major injuries but as i mentioned before, he died at the hospital. female passenger we're told has moderate to major injuries. she has survived. the two c.h.p. officers that were inside their suv that is one of the cars that was chasing the car -- they walked away okay. one of them had minor cuts and scratches. we're told it was a father and son team that was in the car. but they are okay. the investigative team is on their way from vallejo. they are going to be coming here to san jose to investigate this crash. so they anticipate this part of moorpark, the westbound lanes right near winchester, to avoid
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at least this area because right now, it's just about one lane that's open. so that's the activity going on here. back to you. >> janine, thank you for that update. turning now oversees to the paris terror attacks, and the investigation, french investigators are now trying to identify the suspect in an early-morning raid. some of them were killed. others arrested. the operation was targeting the suspected mastermind of friday's attacks. alex savidge has been following all of the latest developments this morning in our newsroom. we've learned more about this predawn police operation. alex? >> it's still unclear if the mastermind was either captured or killed during this operation but this was by all accounts a dangerous police raid. we were trying to take out the man who is thought to have plotted the paris massacre. this all turned into a seven hour long standoff. in the end, authorities say to suspected terrorists were killed during the confrontation. seven others were taken into custody. two of them right now are still
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being treated for their injuries at the hospital. there you can hear the gunfire and explosions. that is a cell phone video that was taken near the scene. this early-morning raid -- officers stormed an apartment just outside of paris in the suburb of saint-denis. as police closed in, a woman inside reportedly killed herself by setting off an explosive vest. another man who was in the apartment also was killed during that violent confrontation with officers. the raid was targeting this man, the supposed mastermind of friday's terror attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud. authorities still trying to figure out if the belgian extremist was inside that apartment and whether he was in fact captured or killed. >> translator: these actions confirm one more time that we are at war. a war against terrorism that
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itself has decided to lead the war. >> this was a risky rate. french media reports that five police officers were injured in this standoff and that's also a police dog by the name of diesel was also killed as well. the french president earlier today praised the work of police who he says put their lives on the line during this operation. this all came to be according to a paris prosecutor because of tapped telephone conversations and also information that was gleaned from surveillance operations and that's why police thought the supposed mastermind of the paris attacks could potentially be at this save house. right outside of paris where that operation took place. but pam, the big question is, was inside? was he captured? was he killed? authorities still sorting that out. >> seems like this is going to
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be an ongoing developing story. >> absolutely. >> thank you, alex. inspectors found no suspicious materials on board two air france jets but they did have to make emergency landings last night because of bomb threats. a flight from l.a.x. to troll degaulle airport was default -- diverted to salt lake city. there were 497 passengers and crew members on board. one recorded video of everyone walking off the plane after it landed safely in utah. the plane was checked out. it is now scheduled to land in paris just about two hours from now. investigators also found nothing on board an air france flight from washington to paris that was also diverted to nova scotia. the lawyer for the driver of that tour bus that crashed last friday in san francisco's union square says the driver crashed the bus on purpose. to avoid hitting people. take a look at this video. it shows how the bus appears to be racing towards union square. the lawyer for bus driver kenneth malvar says it all started with malvar trying to
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stop the bus at taylor and post streets. he said he heard a small explosion. >> puts his foot on the brake. there's no breaks. the brake pedal is doing nothing. so he has push buttons which change the gears. and he tries to shift the bus into neutral and nothing happens. tries to turn the bus off and that doesn't work either. >> the attorney says malvar then tried to stop the bus by running into some orange plastic k rails and then deliberately crashed into scaffolding outside the new apple store. 20 people were hurt. attorney says malvar is grateful no one was killed. lawyer says the bus failed because of maintenance problems or some kind of design defect. he plans to sue the company that made that bus. a san jose teenager faces child pornography charges after police say he posted nude
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photos of female classmates on his instagram account. he goes to lincoln high school but he is not being identified because of his age. officials say they found out about the inappropriate photos on monday and turned the student -- turned to students for help to identify the owner. then notified police. we talked with a senior who says some of her friends are victims. >> depriving someone of their privacy, like some of those pictures were super old and they just resurfaced out of nowhere. a lot of girls have left school crying. because of their nude pictures up on instagram. >> police are looking into reports that students from other schools may have also had their photos posted on that account. no word on how he got hold of the photos but instagram has taken down several pages from that account. the san francisco board of supervisors approved a major commercial development in the south of market area. according to the chronicle, last night's vote came after several hours of public comment and a lot of it was opposing this one billion-dollar
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project. in the end, the board of supervisors voted to approve the project at fifth and mission streets. the development will include luxury condos, affordable housing, and office space. san francisco supervisors approved an ordinance that will give current neighborhood residents preference in the lotteries for new privately developed affordable housing. the backers say it will help keep the city's african- american population from being displaced from neighborhoods like the bayview and hunters point. where new development are built. this measure will reserve 40% of housing units for people who live in the neighborhood where the housing is being built. the parents of a teenager killed in san rafael have now filed a lawsuit, suing the driver who hit her and the city. the reason they say officials bear some responsibility for their daughter's death. first a major security drill at levi's stadium.
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welcome back to "mornings
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on 2." 6:14. san francisco police and the fbi are investigating a possible hate crime at a french immersion school in the city's hayes valley neighborhood. maintenance workers at the french-american school in oak street noticed a crescent moon symbol painted on a schoolyard wall yesterday morning. school leaders called police and investigators say the symbol represents a religion called 5% nation which was actually founded by a student of malcolm x. >> originally there was concern it might be tied to isis, but our preliminary investigation shows it's more of a domestic group and our special investigations division and the fbi are looking into the vandalism and trying to figure out who did it, what the reasons were. >> police are looking at surveillance video. they also say they have increased security and there has been a heightened awareness on the campus since the deadly terror attacks in paris. several law enforcement
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agencies and emergency response teams took part in the major security drill at levi's stadium leading up to super bowl l. at first the media was invited to this drill. after the attacks in paris, the fbi told reporters of -- and photographers to stay far away. >> we don't want to advertise our security protocol. so we try to keep this free. there's certain things we don't want publicized. >> when faced with an event like the super bowl, we want to take all the precautions that we can. >> officials wouldn't say if they are going to change their plans after the paris attacks. but they do tell us they are going to make sure that fans and players are safe. fun to watch. the warriors just need three more wins to match the nba record for the best start to a season. they are 12-0 after surviving a big comeback by the raptors, who erased an 18-point deficit in the 3rd quarter. the warriors held on for a 115- 110 win. steph curry led the team with
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37 easy points for him. the warriors head to l.a. to play the clippers tomorrow and then they are back home friday against chicago. not an easy game. >> no. it was not. but steph curry makes it look easy. >> and they've got an undefeated season so far. sal is not having an easy morning with our committee. a lot of stuff going on. >> by the way, this coffee tastes extra good this morning after that story we read. >> less likely to die now. >> the headline, don't know, whoever did it, but i love that headline. coffee reduces the risk of death. a-okay. good morning. you might want to take your coffee on the road for some of these east bay commutes. getting a little bit crowded here. highway 24, westbound not too bad. a little bit slow in lafayette as you can see for yourself. when you get to the toll plaza, that's where you might take a
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couple sips and just look around and say, who are these people? we have a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. maybe a little bit more if you are at the end of the line. yesterday was terrible on 580. i've already gotten a couple of messages on facebook asking, what's it like today? i'm afraid to go out there. i don't blame you you. today is more like a normal commute. slow traffic on the ultimate past, 680 looks okay. so no major problems and the b.a.r.t. system also is looking good. so you can send me a message on my facebook page and i tried to respond rather quickly. let's go to stieber who also has a lot of facebook activity on his page. >> i do. it's a little quiet this morning. you know how it goes. thank you. i always appreciate the information. i try and answer questions and we have one coming up here, a burning question too. a very deep whether question. they cool morning out there. higher clouds, still a beautiful day. a little bit of patchy fog showed up around the net the airport. i think that's a hint of things to come. the wind has cranked up up in
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the lake county heels. back-to-back shots, thank you. control room with their feet off the desk. nicely played. nicely played. all right. a cool morning, warmer, quiet week, near 70 for some today. more so as we head into the end of the week. next week is looking cold and wet. the only question is where will the lows in set up? overland, won't be much rain. offshore, we could get a lot. first, class in antioch, how come you are not matching colors with pam and dave? he then wrote me back and said, my wife made me ask that. because i'm a trained -- i'm a trendsetter. the vanguard. i didn't get the memo they were wearing purple. that's why. our weather almanac, 64-51 for san francisco. the average is 62-50. 81, 1932. the record low, 42, 1994. not that long ago, most of them are back in the 1800s. a lot of high clouds, mid-level
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clouds northeast california over the sierra and also to the north, some drizzle, light rain from fort bragg north, leading up, 30s for some, 40s for others, 50s, so there's a wide variety but it does feel warmer. compared to monday when it was darn cold, 41 in gilroy, morgan hill 43, older creek with upper 30s, scotts valley, that observation holding steady at 40. a lot of low 40s, look at the water temps. my gosh. 50s now. /bay, san francisco, buoy, half moon bay, that's the coldest they've been in a long time. 21-29, truckee and reno. 51 ukiah, cloud cover helping there, 47 down in monterey. rain continues for the pacific northwest. they will get a break starting friday into the weekend. if by chance you have travel plans of there. next couple days will be wet over the top of that ridge. you can see a lot of high clouds, high-pressure building in, so unless you are well to the north, it will still be mostly sunny here so a cool morning, mostly sunny, a few high clouds near 70 for some, windy up in the hills mainly up in the lake county heels and
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some higher elevations. but 60s and 70s here, looks like a temperature been slightly above average for many this time of year, near average, each day, temps have been bumping up along with lows, cool to cold, quiet into the weekend, a little cloud cover by sunday. next week around tuesday, everything starts to change. like a cold, wet system. >> tuesday evening. >> yes. into wednesday. >> which again, a lot of traveling for thanksgiving. we'll be definitely keeping an eye on that for everybody. >> thank you. a special kind of class designed to protect kids on school campus. from gunfire. our next half-hour, bay area schools get to see how it works.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 6:24. a new call for someone outside the sheriff's office to look into complaints about excessive force santa clara county jail. in the last six years, there have been more than 300 complaints of excessive force by guards according to the san jose mercury news. the paper says only 14 of the
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complaints were formally investigated by the sheriff's department. sheriff laurie smith tells the paper that every complaint is taken seriously but the head of the committee looking into the jail says independent civilian oversight is needed. questions about how inmates are treated, resurfaced after an inmate was found dead in his cell last august. another inmate reported he was beaten by three guards. at least three people have died now hundreds of thousands have no power after high winds blew through the northwest. those winds are blamed for bringing down trees and power lines. two people were killed when trees fell onto their cars in spokane, washington. another person died when power lines toppled down. mudslides and flooding also causing problems for people all over the state of washington. the cleanup expected to get underway today. just in time for the holiday travel season, three new boarding areas are set to open today at sfo. they are in terminal three serving united airlines. they feature 250 charging plugs and workstations for passengers
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. the project will also feature a dozen new dining and retail options including some from local companies. the remodel and upgrades are all part of the second phase of an ongoing quarter billion dollar project to completely renovate terminal three. >> the time now 66:00. you can get a flu shot tomorrow from uber. the ridesharing service will be bringing housecalls, believe it or not, to san francisco and several other cities around the country. basically how it works, from 11:00 to 3:00 tomorrow, select the uber health option on the uber app. you have to pay $10 for a wellness pack. then ask for the option for a free flu shot. a registered nurse will then come to your location and give the shots for up to 10 people. the program was launched last year. it's expected to be in high demand tomorrow. he's been a global superstar for nearly 20 years. now he can put sexiest man alive on his resume. people magazine named david beckham to take on the title
6:27 am
for 2015. the announcement was made on late-night tv where the former soccer superstar made an acceptance speech where he joked that it was called, the best moment of his career. he thanked his hairdresser, his stylist and photoshop. pretty funny. the 40-year-old british heartthrob is married to former spice girl victoria beckham. i don't think he needs much as photoshop. >> i don't think so. still ahead, a show of unity on the soccer field. >> [singing] >> a very touching, emotional moment as france's national team played its first match. since last week's terror attacks.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." thank you for joining us. middle of the week, no -- wednesday, november 18. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve. it's going to get a little warm. it's a layering day. >> that's true. 30s and 40s in the morning. 60s afternoon. >> not as much wind. >> unless you are up in the hills maybe. then there's still a decent breeze. we have a mostly clear condition on tap today. higher clouds north, for us, temps are inching upward. a little bit above seasonal averages. san francisco will start first. you can look outside and see higher clouds. again, not enough there to take the edge off the afternoon temps. now looking for a lot of upper 60s. low 60s, mid-60s now, over by the coast, 61, 54 for san
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francisco. record lows, 42, not that long ago 1994. higher clouds continue to favor northern california. for us, on the drier side, but occasionally higher clouds that through. overall 30s, 40s and 50s on your lows. these have come up a little bit. still 30s, cold down in south towards gilroy. scotts valley 40, everything as far as energy and rain is staying to the north of about fort bragg north. even that is pretty weak. no -- cool morning, mostly sunny, high clouds near 70 for some, upper 60s for others, mid-60s by the water. sal, what do you have for us? >> it's a little busy as well. we are looking at a commute that is going to be super busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. i wanted to let you know traffic is going to be slow. there appears to be or there was a report of a crash west of the metering lights. i do see some slowing traffic. i don't see that crash anymore. the crash may have been there because the traffic at the toll plaza is moving very, very
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slowly. we can go to the toll plaza picture, not moving along that well. just has picked up a little bit but it's a big backup all the way around the macarthur maze. bay bridge backup that is longer than it normally takes you to get onto this span. sometimes it takes 20 minutes. this morning, more like 40 to get through to the bridge itself. then you have to deal with the bridge. westbound 580, some slow traffic on the ultimate pass. 680 is getting slow leaving pleasanton and dublin. there's no information about that high-speed chase in the south bay earlier this morning. we reported, janine de la vega, says one person died when the car being chased rolled over. janine? >> reporter: sal, yes. it rolled over at least twice. we are waiting right now for the investigative team to come here to san jose. they are coming from vallejo. they are going to be focused on that white sedan that you see there in the distance that has
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some heavy damage. that car we're told led c.h.p. on a police chase and it ended here right on moorpark avenue near winchester. c.h.p. spotted the sedan in gilroy because it was speeding and driving erratically. we're told by the c.h.p. it was traveling between 125- 135 miles per hour. they ended up following it. that pursuit started on highway 101. it went to 237, 880, 17, and then interstate 280. while they were chasing it, c.h.p. officers found out it was stolen out of los angeles. c.h.p. told us how they finally ended up catching up to it. >> the vehicles were unable to negotiate the turn. hit a dirt berm and overturned at least two times. there was two occupants in the vehicle. a male driver and a female passenger.
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>> reporter: that male driver and female passenger, they were rushed to the hospital. but the male driver ended up dying from his injuries. we're told the female driver has moderate to major injuries. chp patrol vehicle was chasing the sedan ended up hitting a curb on moorpark as well as a sign. that sign ended up hitting the windshield of that patrol car. and it ended up being shattered. both officers in that car, a father and a son, they are okay. only one of them had minor cuts but they both stayed on the scene. back out here, i want to show you that here on moorpark, there's one lane. open here, heading in the westbound lane. but as the morning goes on, as traffic starts picking up, it's expected to be more congested. if you could avoid this area around winchester and moorpark, chp officers would appreciate it. >> thank you for the life update. we just received word that
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police right now are searching the cargo area at charles de gaulle airport in paris. we don't know what they're looking for or what initiated that search. in the meantime, french forces have also killed two people link to friday's attack in paris. doug luzader in washington, dc with that story as -- as well as the debate on capitol hill on whether the u.s. should accept any more syrian refugees. >> reporter: dave, good morning. this could be a real battle ahead in congress. meantime, a chaotic night just outside of paris. as police their raided an apartment that they thought might have contained within it the mastermind behind those attacks on friday. gunfire in the early morning hours just outside of paris. police at least initially believed they had cornered the mastermind behind friday's attacks. with reports that the woman there killed herself, detonating a bomb vest.
6:36 am
we were asleep when we heard the gunshots from police and bombs said a neighbor. police have been actively searching for abdelhamid abaaoud, who is believed to have planned the attacks. in a report that at least one of the assailants make his way to drop as part of a recent wave of syrian refugees, ignited a debate in congress over a white house plan to admit 10,000 syrians into the country. there may be an effort to block it. a majority of governors including some democrats now say they want no part in the relocation was can happen without notice. >> they don't even communicate to us. we know they've been placing refugees in states including hours without even communicating to us. >> reporter: president obama obama in the philippines eager to address the ongoing debate back home accusing critics of playing politics. >> it's contrary to who we are. it needs to stop. because the world is watching. >> reporter: now, legally the president probably has the
6:37 am
upper hand on this. he has a lot of authority to set immigration policy and decide who gets to come into the country with regards to this wave of refugees from syria, but there is a political component for this as well. the white house would like to get more support from these governors. they had a big conference call yesterday between white house officials and governors around the country to try to get more support. it's not clear that they changed any minds. >> doug luzader from washington, thanks. 6:37. the president of france says he will not let terrorism affect his country's freedom. this morning french president eland spoke to mayors from all across france. >> translator: the idea of france, what it is representing. what it is. across generations. the freedom. >> president hollande is urging the french people, try to resume their lives and move forward. he also announced france will
6:38 am
fill it split date its pledge to reference -- to welcome 37,000 refugees. he called it france's humanitarian duty. the french soccer team played its first match since the paris attacks. >> [music] >> this was a touching pregame ceremony at wembley stadium in london. everyone saying -- sang the french national anthem. england won 2-0. there was heavy security. france's stadium was one of the targets of the suicide bombers in last friday's terror attacks. german's national team was scheduled to play the netherlands yesterday but that match was canceled after a bomb threat. authorities in hanover, germany ordered people inside the stadium to be evacuated two hours before kickoff. police say they received a credible tip that an explosive attack was planned for the stadium. no explosives were found at the stadium. no arrests have been made.
6:39 am
for a second straight day, the public in san francisco will be banned from going to the trial of chinatown association leader raymond chow. that closed the session is designed to protect the identity of an undercover fbi agent who was testifying. yesterday during his first day of testimony he told the court he pretended to be a member of the east coast crime syndicate and that he asked chow to find people to launder money. how is charged with ordering the murder of the former head of the chinatown association. he's also accused of money laundering and conspiring to receive stolen goods. there's more fallout from a controversial decision to restrict seating at the oakland city council meetings last first -- last spring. it started when critics of a development project protested during a hearing on may 5. in meetings after that, the city council decided to shut down the chamber's upper gallery. that restricted the number of seats the public. a union that represents city
6:40 am
employees filed a lawsuit. the chronicle reports a settlement has been reached. the city has to pay $37,000 in legal fees to the union and they have to keep those seats open. in exchange, the union will withdraw its lawsuit. 100 high school students in oakland walked out of class to protest a deadly police shooting. students from castle mont high marched yesterday afternoon. organizers say the event was to protest the police shooting following a sideshow on saturday. or sunday that is. investigators say a man approached police and pointed an object in their direction. police opened fire killing the 39-year-old and they say the object was a very realistic looking fake gun. the walkout lasted about an hour before students returned to class. a sit in by stanford students continues. students set up camp outside the office of the university president on monday. a group calling itself fossil free stanford is leading the protest. they want the school to take
6:41 am
all of its investments out of oil and gas companies in the next five years. >> unacceptable for our university to be actively betting on the future of an industry that is actively destroying our future and aggravating systems that affect already marginalized communities. >> last year stanford divested itself of stock in the coal industry, after similar pressure from students. the school uses money from its $22 billion endowment fund to make those investments. san francisco corporate shuttle pilot program is being called a success. the municipal transportation's board of directors voted yesterday to continue the program but they are going to make a couple changes. the changes include limiting bigger double-decker buses to major streets. also the operators are going to have to use gps to collect information on where and when those shuttles travel. most of the buses are taking workers to silicon valley. the city charges operators a
6:42 am
fee and that allows them to share muni bus stops. 6:41. it has been a contentious issue that has protesters camping out in berkeley. coming up in 20 minutes, the decision about what will and what will not be allowed by the city's homeless. announcer: if you'd give thanks for a better night's sleep...
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 6:45. the parents of a teenager killed while jogging last june are suing the driver of a van and the city of san rafael according to the marin independent journal. now, aurora machado was jogging on point san pedro road when she was hit by the van. the newspaper has details of the lawsuit. it says the lawsuit claims machado had to jog into the street because of a tree that had fallen across the sidewalk. it also claims that there had been complaints about dying and diseased trees along that fence
6:46 am
line for years and that the city was asked to remove those trees. the city has not commented on the lawsuit. the van's driver was not charged in machado's death. oakland raider defensive lineman aldon smith was suspended by the nfl effective immediately. that suspension is for a year without pay under the nfl substance abuse policy. aldon smith has had a lot of legal problems. he was released from the 49ers in august after his fifth arrest since 2012. in september he pled not guilty to hit and run, drunk driving and charges of vandalism. now 6:46. time to check in with gasia. when i join you in our next hour, the centers for disease control and prevention is going to study the teen suicide clusters that have happened in palo alto along the caltrain corridor. how they go about trying to
6:47 am
learn more about why the deaths happened and how to help prevent them in the future. also just ahead of the release of the book and movie concussion, you will hear from the doctor, will smith's character is based on. amid growing awareness is the health effects of hard hits to the head, you will hear whether or not the doctor says he wants his children to play football. i'll see you in just a few, wearing purple, dave and pam. >> i see that, gasia. looking good. >> i'm not going to break that streak. >> thank you. joins shortstop brandon crawford, who i want to be now -- he's got a big new contract to go with his gold glove and two world series titles. the giants reached a deal with crawford on a six-year, $75 million contract that includes a full no trade clause. he is 28 years old and he can play. he's a bay area native. by the way he's going to talk about the new contract this afternoon when the giants officially announce it at a news
6:48 am
conference. he caught that. >> it's good to be brandon crawford. >> way to go. >> and he is a brewing. >> he grew up -- they have pictures -- he is a ucla brewing. -- bruin. >> every boy sitting in the stands dreams of playing there. >> it's one thing to be a major leaguer. another thing to be a major leaguer in the town you grew up in. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along slowly approaching the bay bridge. we had a couple incidents. one was on the bridge, that's gone. wasn't even that major. but it blocked lanes for a bit and traffic is backed up for 40 minutes plus approaching the macarthur maze and bay bridge. you can see the slow traffic by the way, extends all the way up these charts to about golden gate field. the bay bridge metering lights are on for extra slow for a bit. they are trying to speed them up or they have spent them up a little bit. the traffic this morning is
6:49 am
going to be more than you usually do. if you're thinking about the san mateo bridge as an alternate, it's a little bit slow this morning heading south down to the 92 interchange and then we have slow traffic heading onto the bridge itself. so a lot of people thought of that idea. southbound 880 is slow by the way all the way down to the southern area of fremont. 6:49. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i've seen that picture. i believe it's at candlestick when he was 12? >> right. i think -- >> i don't know how old. anyway, that was a great pitcher. we have a lot of high clouds streaming over. still mostly clear. a little bit of fog showing up. a couple reports around the napa airport. also one in the santa clara valley. that's something to keep an eye on over the next couple warnings. each day, afternoon temps, they are warming up. a little el nino for you here. i'm focusing on the area we call el nino 3.4. i won't try to get too
6:50 am
technical. equatorial pacific, this is the area they used to measure departures and to sea surface temperatures. 3.4. remember that. equatorial pacific. it's where we measured the departures, warmer or colder. it just checked in at its highest level ever a couple days ago. we'll see if that holds. they measure this in three month increments. it might be a little bit of a blip but it has now surpassed 1997-98 which was 2.8 celsius. this is now 3.0. if that holds, that's one of the highest ever you're going to see. going back to the last two very strong el nino for san francisco, 1997 and 1998, 47 and a quarter of it inches of  rain fell. 82-83, 46.72 over 11 inches in march. average is 23 and two thirds. so we need double the rainfall, look what happened the last time we had two very strong el ninos. it doubled the rainfall. head down to san jose, 67-46, hi low.
6:51 am
what's average? 67-46. right there. look at the record low, 29. way back in 1893. speaking of san jose and santa clara valley, down in morgan hill, good morning, steve. 41 with fog on the west side of morgan hill. there's some of that fog popping up. 30s, 40s, 50s. again in the breeze has tailed off except in higher elevations. still continues to be strong. another whopper of a system heading into the pacific northwest. some drizzle, cloud cover to the north, looks like it's going to stay there. for us, it's a cool to cold morning. some of you may see it's freezing but not as cold as monday. a few high clouds near 70 for some, santa rosa, upper 60s for others, downtown oakland, looks nice, and yet down to fairfield, down to go right, 70 degrees. santa cruz 68, livermore in there as well. these are a little bit above average for some of these temps and they'll continue that into the weekend.
6:52 am
sure looks like huge changes next week. another cold system dropping in around tuesday. behind me. hold on. >> yeah. >> that -- >> that -- >> you've got to see this picture. brandon crawford, the start -- >> oh, my gosh. >> he was about five years old in the stands. >> that's at candlestick. >> when they played at candlestick. he is dressed warmly for candlestick. i mean cool. >> he's got his hat on -- >> oh, my gosh. is that cute? >> who knew that one day. >> he knew. >> maybe. >> can you imagine? >> to be like that -- >> and then play -- and the giants of all teams. hometown -- >> that's special. >> somebody who doesn't do so well -- >> that's awesome day. >> do you know what his nickname is on the team? they call him the hand some man. >> really? why do they call them that? >> [laughter] >> because apparently, the ladies think he's handsome. >> well, he is.
6:53 am
look. he was cute from the beginning. a pretty cute family. >> great looking picture. way to go. >> that's awesome. >> want to make you smile. congratulations, brandon. the time is 6:52. bad news for uber. it could be facing its biggest fine yet. the accusations being made against this company. ♪
6:54 am
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
6:56 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." 6:55. the makers of a new kind of window glass meant for schools, they say this is so strong bullets can't shatter it. yesterday in hayward, representatives from school guard glass showed several bay area schools and universities how this glass holds up to a pounding from a baseball bat. look at that. the glass was developed after the shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. three years ago. it's designed to stop a gunman from getting inside long enough for help to arrive. >> we are giving people time. whether it is time for first responders to show up, time for evacuation plans to take place. >> a school district official wouldn't comment yet but one safety consultant says this product could provide an extra layer of safety, especially in school entryways.
6:57 am
ocean beach visitors will have more time to voice opinions on whether there will be tighter restrictions on bonfires. the recreation says it's getting a lot of comments so it has extended the public comment period by two weeks until december 4. it was originally set to end this week. under the new rules, a mitt would be required to light a bonfire beginning early next year. officials say the rules are being introduced to reduce littering, unattended fires, drunk crowds and other undesirable activities. it's not something you usually see here in california. a sea turtle found in freshwater swimming up to san joaquin. take a look, wildlife experts say the sea turtle seen in this video is an eastern pacific green sea turtle mostly found in mexico and around the islands of hawaii. green sea turtles are an endangered species. scientists same warm waters from el nino may have been a factor in that turtle swimming
6:58 am
north. the time is 6:57. we're still following developing news in san jose where one person died after an overnight crash during a police chase. we'll tell you how that chase started.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> gunfire and explosions in paris as police conduct a series of reads. the arrests made and the weaponners seized as -- weapons seized as the hunt for those responsible for the attack on friday intensify. deadly results on the freeways. we are live in san jose and will have an update on the situation. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. it's cold outside today. >> it is. layer day. not as bad as monday. >> still cold gasia and dave. >> a lot of high


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